NEC/Fresco Logic USB 3.0 Controller Drivers

NEC USB 3.0 Firmware & Drivers

This driver seems to be working best for me atm

with WD My book Essential 2TB with (USB 3.0) WD My Passport Essential 500GB (USB 3.0) even a Transcend RDF8 SuperSpeed Card Reader works fine
i realy blame NEC/RENESAS for messing up their drivers! btw i found this driver somewhere on asus site, give asus credit for having stable drivers available!


rest of drivers here, got anyone not listed please post a comment

Fresco Logic USB 3.0 Drivers


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One response to “NEC/Fresco Logic USB 3.0 Controller Drivers”

  1. Ryan Robert Craig says :

    Hello. I have a PCI Express USB 3.0 card with a Renesas 720200 (standard version, not ‘a’ revision) that I have attempted to update using the drivers on your blog. I have followed the discussion on: and am having the following issue with this card:

    I try and use the firmware updated (both dos version, and windows version) to 3028 and never can get the utility to proceed beyond erasing the rom at 75% progress. I have tried to update the firmware on two different PCs. Any ideas on how to get this thing flashed with working firmware? I tried 3027 as well and no luck.

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