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Nikon D40x Digital SLR

my father and i just bought a Nikon D40x Digital SLR Camera on monday, the camera has great picture quality and great colors/sharpness, the lense that was in the kit was good, might get a better lense later, the cost was 6295 nok, but with the nikon cash back campain we get 720 nok back, and that goes right into a 8GB SD Card!

some pictures:


Vista Media Center Needs Improvemnets

Microsoft should have change libary setup, like you should be able to flag the type of folder, if its music, videos or pictures the way its now it just adds the folders with videos/music/pictures and you get a mess if you have music folders with album art they will show up in pictues:/

 and play sideshow option when playing music should have select folder, now it just runs sideshow of ALL images on the disk including tose in music folders and such

Sony Bravia KDL-40W2000 Tweaks

this is a little tweak guide, if you want to connect this HDTV to a htpc/pc, use hdmi>dvi adapter and set you videocard to 1920×1080 50hz, select “Full Pixel” in Menu > Settings > Screen, and meybe enable Auto Format to

to get the claoading issue Select “Power Saving” in Settings > Set-up, set it to Low, then go to Picture and set backlight to 3

and you wont so much cloading anymore

HDMi cables: Cheap vs Expensive

why do 90% of hdmi cables cost 40 usd for 1 meter?, cables that cost only 34 usd has same quality as its bits, so if no picture = no signal, if picture = full quality, in another words, if you get picture you get full quality picture 😉

HDMi cable 21meter for 20 usd works as good as a hdmi cable that cost 80 usd or higher, i see no good reason for buying monster hdmi cables, they cost like SHIT and has the same picture quality for cables that cost less than 25 usd!

buy cheap digital cables

K9AGM2-FIH jerky DVD/HD1080i/HD720p playback

Update: catalyst 7.5 works better than 7.6 and 7.7, vista media center has zero problems on 7.5 

Anyone else experiences jerky/shorthangs/lags when maximize or/and watching DVD NTSC/PAL, HDTV MPEG-2 1080i/720p in different media players with and without DXVA enabled  crying
this is what i have found out that frames gets messed up, sometimes they go like crazy all up to 60fps, this is wreid, as the source files do not have so fast fps, they are around 30fps/23.976 so it has to be graphic driver, problely related to the handle of video render not 3d part, i do think X1250 can handle 1080p becose i have run some h264 and wmv 1080p trailers fine, but many times it goes crazy

Media Players
Cyberlink PowerDVD 7.3 Ultra (jerky playback of 1080i), uses only 50% of cpu
Media Player Classic (lags, sound lags after video, and jerky/lags 720p h264 content, 1080i jerky to) uses less than 60% of cpu, using Internal MPEG-2 Decoder and Elecard MPEG-2 Decoder (with or without DXVA enabled)
Windows Media Player 11 (shorthangs and lags when go to fullscreen)

Problem has to be in driver, as the same problem is in Cyberlink H.264/AVC Decoder, CoreAVC Decoder, FFDshow Decoder

most thing happend randomly  nooo
K9AGM2-FIH (Radeon X1250 @ 1920x1080p 50hz, 256MB Dedicated)
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ AM2 Winsor 65W
OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 Gold GX XTC 2GB Dual Channel
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB
Hiper Media Chassis HMC-1K53A (200W, ATX 20pin + 4pin for CPU)
Sony Bravia KDL-40W2000 1080p 40″
Windows Vista Home Premium 32Bit (with Aero, same problem without to!)

HTPC Update #3

i have tested it now

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 65W Winsor
OCZ Gold GX XTC 2048MB DDR2 PC6400
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320 GB SATA
Radeon X1250 with 256MB Memory (no Aero enabled!)
Windows Vista Home Premium (no aero enabled*)
Cyberlink CyberDVD 7.3 Ultra (avc performance depends on codec!)

here is my results on HD DVD
MPEG-2 @ ~26.00 Mbps(peak 32) = 31% of CPU
VC-1 @ ~16,00 Mbps (peak 24) = 64-70% of CPU
AVC @ ~16,00 MBps (peak 22) = 82-100% of CPU

AVC Note: no jerky  playback nor skips, its OK to watch, i realy hope ATI will improve the driver and bios of the X1250 chip, so it can decode avc faster, only 10% whould do fine

IMG_0011 (2).JPGIMG_0015 (2).JPG

PS: am getting an slim chopper fan soon so its an work in progress pic 😛

HTPC Update #2

i picked up “OCZ” ram around two hours ago am starting to install vista x86 now, becouse x64’s media center has a HUGE problem becose little x64 codecs works flawlessly, the first system boot was sucsesful, it worked right out of the box, thank god for quality ;), and i have a suprise (check picture)