Tweaking raspbmc to work better with Raspberry PI

Got the raspberry pi model b the other day, its nice and small,and fun to use

When you install raspmbc you get a black screen, not to worry, you should replace the raspberry firmware bootcode.bin, loader.bin and start.elf to the latest from github and try boot it again

when it has finished installing, you might get a file system error, but do not worry it does work

after that there are some tweaks you need to do to get xbmc to play nice with the raspberry compute power those are

Turn off Auto Update on Addons
Go into System > Settings > Addons and from the left sidemenu you can deselect Auto Update and Notifications

Turn off Download Actor Tumbnails when adding to libary
Go into System > Settings > Videos > Libary and deselect Download Actor Tumbnails when adding to libary

Turn off auto libary update and turn on Hide progress of libary update

Go Into System > Settings > Videos > Libary and deselect Update libary on startup and select Hide progress of libary updates

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