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Weee, My first 1TB Harddrive!

i ordered a Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB a week ago, its nice and fast, bought on january 23th and formated on january 27th, dont mind the access time its just a illusions 😉

Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB

WDC Raptor 74GB


Hardware Decoding of H.264 and VC-1 in Vista Media Center and Windows Media Player 11

I found out that you can play your movies that are encoded in Media center using MPC Decoder

it realy works, Vista Media Center and Windows Media player 11 uses Enhanced Video Decoder (EVR) and it supports DXVA2, now with this you can hardware decode VC-1 and H.264

you want proof?
notice the ehshell.exe cpu usage and low cpu usage

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000 @ 2ghz/1.25v
AMD 780G Chipset with AMD Radeon HD 3200
OCZ PC6400 2GB Dual Channel
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB

Here is how

1.  Must be Level 4.1 DXVA Complaint
x264 Encoding Options for Hardware Compatibility & DXVA
2. Video has to be in a Matroska (.mkv) Container
Download Haali Media Splitter (allows playback of mkv files)
to mux your h264 ts files and bd m2ts you can use gdsmux located in “C:\Program Files\Haali\MatroskaSplitter”
3. You have to install MPC-HC Video Decoder Filter
Download from under Standalone Filters
3. Get Radlight Filter Manager from here and register the
4. Now find MPC – Video Decoder in Directshow filters in Radlight Filter Manager, select it and clcik Property Page, go to Codecs and mark everything
5. Besure to have Set Merit Value of MPC – Video Decoder to MERIT_PREFERRED + 255
6. and play this mkv file

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