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Building A Small High Definition HTPC

August 3th: OCZ PC2-6400 2GB on the way 
August 2th: got X2 5000+, MSI K9AGM2-FIH 
July 21th: changed to Toshiba HD DVD-ROM, X2 5000+ i will be building this htpc this week, so hold on, might be missing HD-DVD as am on a budget ^^

am bulding a high definition htpc, i have came this far

Chassis Specs
(W)430mm x (D)270mm x (H)53mm
200W PowerSupply
MicroATX Motherboard

setup atm is

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 65watt AM2
CPU Fan: Hiper AMD Cooler Low Profile HFC-20820-C1
Motherboard: MSI K9AGM2-FIH  HDMI out, GbLAN,  7.1, S/PDIF
RAM: OCZ Gold GX XTC 2048MB DDR2 PC6400
TV: Sapphire Theatrix Low Profile (ATi Theater™ 550 PRO)
Case: Hiper Media Chassis HMC-1K53A BLACK, mATX, 200W
DVD-RW Slim: Toshiba TS-L802A HD DVD-ROM Slim

(green=i have, red=missing, blue=ontheway)


Hiper Media Chassis Black


My little SiL3132 PCI Express x1 Review

I needed more sata 3gbps ports, as my 4 port ULI M5288 SATA300 controller on my Abit AT8 motherbord ran out of ports, i found this SDM PCIe SATA II 300 RAID 2P (SiL3132 PCI Express x1) for around 244 nok (38usd)

the size of the controller pcb is realy small

the front:

note the size of the norwegian 20 krone comparied to the little silicon image chip

the back

the package includes
SDM PCIe SATA II 300 RAID 2P (SiL3132 PCI Express x1) Card
Mini-CD with Drivers (80mm)
A basic Install Guide
Antistatic Plastic


Abit AT8 with BIOS 11 (with custom updated uli bios)
AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
2GB OCZ DDR500 PC4000 (2x1GB)
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB SATA2 16MB 7200RPM

ULI M5288 onboard (without driver)
Silicon Image PCIe Sil3132 (with raid bios and driver)

HDTune of Sil3132


HDTune of ULI M5288

Update 4th March 2010:


Here is Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB results on SB600, sil3132 its faster when using newer harddrives, so i updated the score a little to refect the new performance test

Driver: 8 of 10
(base driver is a bit buggy)
Preformace: 8 of 10
(preformace is overall good)
Build Quality: 7 of 10
(ok as far components go)

Sony Bravia KDL-40W2000 1080p Review

i have had this tv around 3-4 months now so far it has been great

Good, but they should have made it little more anti sunlightish

1080p aka 1920x1080p
1:1 pixelmapping
great colors
great contrast/brightness to be a lcd (after calibrating)
720p looks good to
perfect for HTPC & PC usage, and MAC if you have that

mine has around 5-7 dead pixels, but i cant see them from 1 meters away :whistle:
another hdmi, so it has 3x HDMIs
Missing 1080p on component
sony should have trowen away the vga and put a DVI-I instead with 1920x1080p support, so you dont need a adapter (hdmi>dvi-d)
missing 24fps (film, but you wont find any other TV that has support for 24fps, anyway, as far i know)