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AMD Catalyst 11.6 WHQL @ TechPowerUp!


AMD A8 Llano APU Review Roundup

AMD A8-3500M
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HotHardware Review
Hexus Review
TechRadar Review
NotebookReview Review
Phoronix Linux Review review (spanish)
HardOCP Review
AMD A8-3850
Anandtech Preview
VR-zone Preview
AMD A8-3800
Coolaler Review

AMD A8-3851
TweakTown Forum User Preview

Will update this as i find more reviews,
got a review? post it in comments so i can add it

howto fix a disappeared drive label

this is a annoying bug when moving a drive to a new system or after reinstall of windows, but its easy to fix

1. Right click on the Drive and click on Properties

2. Go to Security tab

3. Click Edit and add “SYSTEM”

4. Give “SYSTEM” full control on permissions