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ASmedia ASM1061 SATA 6Gbps PCI Express x1 Controller Review

Here is the results i got on ASmedia ASM1061 SATA 6Gbps PCI Express x1 Controller vs AMD SB850 on a Crucial M4 128Gb


Jotta Review


i have been using jotta for a month now and here is my experience


  • The gui is nice,
  • English and Norwegian language,
  • 5GB free plan,
  • can limit network bandwidth,
  • supports many computers
  • Good Prices (Unlimited $6.99, ¬†20GB $3.49 )
  • Android, iOS, Windows and OS X Support


but things i dont like about it is

  • Does not run as a service (so it can be quit by another program (like smartftp installer)
  • Does have problem uploading some files, hash errors
  • Web interface is missing pictures album view,¬†view all pictures in a folder, folder share (like dropbox)