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I have been using s3stats for nearly a month now, and i love it, it gives me a bit more info on inside on how much i use on different files and how many hits they get

check out their website for more info and Cloudberry Explorer for S3 has built in support


Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) wont install

you might get a “Service Pack Installation Cannot Continue” when you try to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1), its becuse of Driver Sweeper removing default ati driver that is considered a system file, so the verify check wont complete, its easy to fix this error by copying the files back in their right place from the driver sweeper backup

more info and backup files @

TotalMedia Theatre Patch

This release will be available through the various auto-updating methods shortly. For those who prefer a direct link to the file, see below.


1. Support Intel Sandy Bridge systems
2. Support Aero in Media Center plug-in
3. Add De-noise and Smoothness in Media Center plug-in
4. Support source/drive selection with keyboard in standard UI
5. ATI Catalyst 10.11/10.12 driver support


1. Fix folder path issue for hard-drive content sent to Media Center plug-in
2. Launch Media Center plug-in in full-screen
3. Fix mouse cursor appearing during playback issue
4. Improve AV sync on some platforms
5. Fix no sound issue in some audio switching situations
6. Fix “endless splash screen” conflict with some applications
7. Fix chapter/title UI display issue
8. Fix “update the player” (red screen) error with some discs

9. Fix compatability with BD Live content on AVATAR Collector’s Edition disc 2/3. (USER REPORT)
Download link: