TotalMedia Theatre Public BETA Patch

Please feel free to test this public BETA version of the TMT3 170 patch. Read the KNOWN ISSUES before installing.  Do not report issues with this BETA to customer service–they cannot help you. Report them in this thread.


1) Support PAP/bitstreaming on ATI 5xxx cards

2) Support PAP/bitstreaming on Intel Clarkdale/Ironlake mobos

3) Dynamic Lighting added to SimHD

4) MKV support restored


1) Lots. No organized/detailed list at the moment unfortunately.


1) Bitstreaming on ATI 5xxx cards REQUIRES use of the ATI version of the HDMI audio driver. Using the Realtek version WILL NOT WORK.

2) In some cases SimHD will be lost during the patch process to 170. It appears related to cases where SimHD was purchased seperately, and can be resolved by reinstalling the SimHD installer. But there is no guarantee that versions with prepackaged SimHD will continue to work after running this patch, and in such cases there may be no way to reactivate it. If you experience the loss of SimHD please report in this thread the original version, whether it had SimHD built-in or applied seperately, and what patches have been applied.


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