TotalMedia Theatre Patch

Feel free to test this BETA release before it goes live on our automatic update servers. You’ll note some of the issues reported specifically in 128 (24hz flaw for example) have not been addressed yet–we’re still looking into a number of those reports.

TotalMedia Theatre 2.1.x.129 Release Notes

01) Support Vista SP2 Beta
02) Support Kaspersky 2009
03) Support AHCI mode for HD-DVD playback
04) Disable network connect when using HD-DVD from hard disk

01) Fixed green line at bottom of video with ATI VGA card
02) Update power management
03) Fixed secondary monitor aspect ratio issue
04) Fixed HD-DVD from command line (My Movies, etc)

01) The Dark Knight black screen issue on NV8200 fixed
The file can be downloaded from here. Insert all disclaimers about BETA software here. If you aren’t sure what that means and the risks of downloading BETA software then don’t download it.


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