TotalMedia Theatre Patch


01) Enhance the compatibility with DTS HD audio on some discs (ex. HULK)
02) Improve rendering performance
03) Improve video quality on Vista
04) Improve compatibility with VGA display cards
05) Improve performance for menu/overlay graphics on BD-J discs
06) Improve performance for 24hz refresh rate displays
07) Support DVD playback from the top directory of a DVD via “Play movie folder from hard disk”

01) Fix DD+ channel mapping error
02) Fix 24-bit channel map mixing issue
03) Fix pop-up noise when using popup menu
04) Fix chapter change stutter bug when PIP enabled
05) Fix DD+ codec crash bug (ex. Casino)
06) Decrease usage of CPU
07) Provide time out feature when downloading files from Internet

The patch will be live shortly through the auto update system but for those who prefer a direct download of the ENGLISH patch:

Download: totalmediatheatre_2.1.6.105_2.1.6.128_update_e.exe

EDIT: I’m leaving it off the auto update system until I can clarify the 24hz issue. But I’m not taking down the file, so feel free to do some BETA testing of this probably-but-maybe-not final release of 128 if you like. 😛

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