CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3

found this the other day, its a nice little client for your Amazon S3 account, you can transfer files to and from your S3 Buckets and between S3 Buckets!

Following is a list of CloudBerry Explorer main functions:

  • Browse S3 buckets
  • Register any number of Amazon S3 accounts
  • Copy and move file between Amazon S3 and local computer
  • Create and delete buckets
  • Connect to one or more Amazon S3 accounts
  • Copy file between two S3 accounts fast and free of charge
  • Work with any number of Amazon S3 accounts simultaneously
  • Setup file access permissions
  • Share buckets, folders and files located on Amazon S3 with other users
  • Automate common tasks with Microsoft PowerShell
  • Generate external URLs
  • Work with other users’ buckets
  • Comming soon: Generate time limited URLs
  • Comming soon: Setup file content types

Thinking how the CloudBerry Explorer can help you? These are the answers. With the CloudBerry Explorer you can:

  • Backup your data to the “cloud”
    Instead of using classic data storages located in remote data centers you can use Amazon S3. In this case you will not pay for space you don’t use! You will pay only for what you use.
    Amazon will take care of reliability and scalability. The data in Amazon S3 stored at several data centers.
  • Store your media files
    You can easily store your files such as photos, videos, music.
    You can share the files with your friends.
    This content will be always available from everywhere (you need only internet access).
  • Share documents
    You can upload documents and share them with the other people.
    It is possible to restrict access.

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