ESET launches the Public Beta of ESET Smart Security 4 and ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4

SysInspector Integration

In version 4.0 SysInspector will be included as a powerful diagnostic tool allowing in depth analysis of various aspects of the operating system, including running processes, registry content, startup items and network connections. Making the dealings of the operating system completely transparent, SysInspector is very useful for home and business users as well as for IT experts and analysts. The Anti-Stealth Technology discovers hidden objects (rootkits) in MBR, registry entries, drivers, services and processes. SysInspector Logs are standardized and can be submitted to IT experts for further analysis. Including is also the possibility of comparing two existing logs to find a set of items not common to both logs.

ESET SysRescue

ESET developed an entirely new wizard for creating a Bootable CD and USB key. After installing the Microsoft Windows Automated Installation Kit v1.1, the wizard creates an ISO image Live CD with installed Anti-virus and allows burning it on CD or copying it on a mass storage device. Users can boot the computer from this recovery medium, scan as well as clean the infected system and afterwards reboot a clean system.

Personal Firewall Improvements

Encrypted communication via HTTPS and POP3s protocols is checked for malicious attacks. Included is also the so-called “learning mode” of firewall. When “learning mode” is active, all communication is allowed and rules are created automatically. The user (administrator) can check the correctness of the created rules, change them or switch to another firewall mode.

Anti-Spam Improvements

The anti-spam engine included in version 4.0 was optimized for both performance and system footprint. Now, better identification of spam goes hand in hand with even smaller impact on system performance.

Improved Cleaning

Now cleaning of problematic files is possible through using an own driver. This ensures reliable cleaning of malware which is activated immediately after startup of the computer. The context menu after the scan was extended by the possibility of cleaning of infected files.

Portable Computer Support

This feature enhances the usability on portable computers (notebooks, laptops, etc.). Version 4.0 is able to identify, whether the computer is running on battery or not and automatically postpones some scheduled tasks and alerts the user before downloading a large update.

Enhanced E-mail Clients Support

Besides POP3, support for IMAP has been added. Furthermore, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail clients are now supported too. So now, users have their E-mails checked for viruses and malware even if using the abovementioned e-mail clients. ESET Smart Security has additionally integrated anti-spam.

Exchangeable Media Access Control

Viruses and malware are often spread via exchangeable media. A virus hidden on a USB key can easily infect various computers when plugged-in and used. Even computers without internet access can be affected! Therefore, it is crucial to control the access to exchangeable media. Especially in companies, where a lot of data is transported physically via exchangeable media this is a real security concern. Version 4.0 offers a solution – the access to exchangeable media (USB devices, floppy disk and CD) can be refused by the administrator. This feature can be set also via ESET Remote Administrator console. Furthermore, automatic scanning of files executed from the exchangeable media is included, the use of Advanced Heuristic can be chosen in the settings.

Informative Graphs and Statistics

Graphs of network communication (uploads/downloads), disc operations (writing on and reading from disc) as well as virus and anti-spam statistics are included and easy accessible from the GUI.

Advanced Categorization of Infiltrations

ESET introduced three categories of infiltrations – malware, potentially unwanted applications (adware, toolbars, etc.) and potentially unsafe applications (conform applications which, when used, may represent a certain security risk to the user). In version 4.0 the categorization was improved to ensure better distinction between the three risk-categories. Now, potentially unwanted and potentially unsafe applications are represented by the yellow alert/status of ESET Smart Security/ESET NOD32 Antivirus. The user can easily discover the level of risk and intuitively distinguish between various types of infiltrations. Furthermore, the user will be provided with the opportunity of excluding potentially unwanted/unsafe applications from the scanning procedure.

Manual Disabling of Modules

Users can disable certain modules (personal firewall and/or anti-spam) easily from the graphic user interface.

Other Improvements

Version 4.0 includes more than 50 improvements compared to the previous version, among them also a pasword protected uninstallation, reliable scanning of 2GB+ files, easy access to the last on-demand log, Self-Defense, advanced scanner settings and others.

If you wish to share with us your thoughts and remarks regarding the Public Beta, or want to report errors you discovered, please, send your feedback to or use the in-product support form.

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