TotalMedia Theatre Patch


01) Increase the download speed for BD-Live
02) Optimize the Still off function
03) Optimize the Browsable Slideshow logic
04) Support latest BD+ titles
05) Improved dual monitor support
06) Optimize memory usage for audio

01) Improve Audio and Navigation logic to resolve stutter upon resuming after pause
02) Fix Eject Disc to resolve BD-J titles sometimes showing the final frame after ejecting the disc
03) Fix Angle to resolve the problem with sometimes showing incorrect Interactive Graphics
04) Optimize BD+ to resolve video corruption or the BD+ warning message in some Blu-ray titles
05) Fix DD+ channel map issue
06) Fix SPDIF audio output failure in XP
07) Fix audio deadlock issue that may cause a crash when paused


01) Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Fix downloading BD-Live content
02) Iron Man – Fix non-responsive CONTINUE button after BD-Live check 
03) Sleeping Beauty – Fix issue with BD-Live login failure

The patch is now live through the auto update system but for those who prefer a direct download:
Download: totalmediatheatre_2.1.6.105_2.1.6.126_update_all.exe

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