howto easly flash bios using usbstick

you need:
HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool ( from mediafire or )
Win ME Bootdisk files (from mediafire or rapidshare )
any usbstick

Create a Bootable USBstick
1. Run “HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool”
2. Select you usbstick as Device
3. Select FAT as File system
4. Volume name “BOOT98SE”
5. Select Quick Format (besure to copy any importal files off you usbstick!)
6. Select Create a DOS startup disk
7. unzip the and point “Using DOS system files located at” to the unzipped folder with files inside
8. Then start
9. Now it should be done, you wont see any files on the usbstick as they are in the boot sector

Flash the BIOS
1. Download you bios files from motherboard manufactour
2. Unzip it
3. Copy the files to your usbstick
4. Let the usbstick be in the port
5. Go into bios, then in boot priority
6. Select usb flash disk in removable or in hard drive as first boot device
7. Now save and reboot
8. Now you should get “Starting Windows Millenium Emergency Boot”
WARNING: flashing bios while ocing is not a good idea, and you should not reboot or anything while flashing, besure that the usbstick dont have any errors
9. Now you flash the bios using the manufactours guide πŸ˜‰
10. When done flashing, reboot
11. and your done

Other Tools:

you can use other DOS tools to, you just need to copy them to usbstick and run them like memtest86+

Tip: you can put other files on the usbstick, just dont format it it and it will be as before πŸ™‚

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