Samsung Spinpoint T166 500GB HD501LJ

my T166 500GB story
i ordered a Samsung Spinpoint T166 500GB HD501LJ a while ago
when i got it it had read error and had clicking/noise, will send it back, and change it to a Seagate Baracuda 7200.10 500GB

if you read other reviews on the net like on, you will see that many has the same problem, some like me got a DOA(dead on arrival) / EOA (error on arrival), looks like samsung has a seirusly bad quality control, the singel most importen part in a computer is the harddrive, thats where all the valuable data is!

update: i received a replacement and that worked fine, so must be a bad batch

2 responses to “Samsung Spinpoint T166 500GB HD501LJ”

  1. shtanto says :

    Same story here mate. Bought at around the same time as yourself. Looks like we’re not the only people who got a dose of the bad batch. Probably a sleepy forklift driver that did it.

    How’s the barracuda working for you?

    I can’t be sure, but have you ever heard of any custom builds that had 2 or more components that just didn’t get along? Seems to have been the case with my most recent build (now 14 months old)

    The auld euro is catching up on the pound sterling so it might be time to do some shopping for a new 1TB drive. ‘course I’ll need a 4 drive NAS enclosure for the RMAs <:) I got about a year out of mine before things started to get seriously peculiar.

  2. wiak says :

    hey, i got a replacement and it works fine
    i also got a 3x Barracuda 7200.11 500GB, 2x Barracuda 7200.10 320GB 😉

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