Sony Bravia KDL-40W2000 1080p Review

i have had this tv around 3-4 months now so far it has been great

Good, but they should have made it little more anti sunlightish

1080p aka 1920x1080p
1:1 pixelmapping
great colors
great contrast/brightness to be a lcd (after calibrating)
720p looks good to
perfect for HTPC & PC usage, and MAC if you have that

mine has around 5-7 dead pixels, but i cant see them from 1 meters away :whistle:
another hdmi, so it has 3x HDMIs
Missing 1080p on component
sony should have trowen away the vga and put a DVI-I instead with 1920x1080p support, so you dont need a adapter (hdmi>dvi-d)
missing 24fps (film, but you wont find any other TV that has support for 24fps, anyway, as far i know)

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